Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Nature Study....Robins

A couple weeks ago we found a little surprise in our bushes. Actually it wasn't a surprise because we noticed the mother and father Robin working feverishly, building their nest.The eggs made my DD squeal with delight...and then a hundred questions followed, as only a five year old can dish out! When will they hatch? How do they get out of the egg? Will the eggshell hurt them? Why are they blue? We went to the library to do research .

The anticipation was overwhelming! Then yesterday, they started to emerge. More questions and concerns....What do they eat? Are they afraid to be left alone? When will their eyes open? When will they fly?

They are cute aren't they? We had a lot of fun learning all about Robins. It was a fun springtime activity!
Some of our research materials.

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  1. That is so sweet. I love that you took him to the library to research!