Monday, May 18, 2009

Hillbilly Cucumbers

The plants have been loving all the rain we've gotten this spring! The peas I planted on St. Patrick's Day have almost reached the top of their trellis. They have never grown that fast before.
Last week I planted some of the cucumbers from my seed shelf along the side fence. I use my daughter's old crib bottom as a trellis. I think it works so well, but it makes my yard look like a hillbilly's until the plants cover it up.

It's hard to see, but this is a Turk's Turban Squash I planted along with the cucumbers.

Here is a better view of the awful way the crib springs look. Maybe it's more socially acceptable now because of recycling!

Today my Iris bloomed for the first time!


  1. There is nothing wrong with a hillbilly get lots of goodies from it. I know you were probably about to die from anticipation for that iris to bloom.....I couldn't wait for my first one to bloom. It is gorgeous! Have a good day

  2. Hey, it works, it was free, and you're going to get some great veggies from it, so I say hold your head up and be proud of your rusty crib bottom! LOL!

    That iris is gorgeous!

  3. Your peas are doing a lot better than mine. I planted mine a week or so later than you and they have barely reached the first rung of my 3' tall trellis. I'm not expecting a great harvest. Maybe I can make a stir-fry. Maybe.

    Love the Robin's pics.