Monday, May 4, 2009

Girl Power

I went to my first ever water polo game the other day to watch my niece , Carly play for her high school JV team. It was quite thrilling to watch! Water polo is a fast paced game that is played while all the girls are treading water. The play is very intense. As I was watching I couldn't believe this was my first time watching the sport. I love anything where girls show their beautiful powerful true selves!

This is Carly, #14 , defending her opponent.

Instead of running you have to swim hard to get to the ball.

There is a lot of pulling, kicking and elbowing while going for the ball.

A well deserved time out...the only time to take a breather!

Carly is making a shot on goal.

I'm very proud of you Carly! You work so hard at everything you do! I can't wait for the next game.

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