Thursday, May 7, 2009

After The Rain

What is it about spring rain that makes it so different from other times of the year? Instead of being dreary and gloomy it is light and nurturing.It doesn't keep us hold up inside, instead beckons us out to play.

Instead of being cold and clammy it is warm and fresh.

Is spring rain really different or are we just dazzled by our surroundings so much that we don't seem to mind?
In our minds we know it will end soon and beauty will surround us!

Is it all a matter of perspective? I'm always amazed when gardening how much nature mirrors life.


  1. Your photographs are so beautiful!

    I love spring rains and thunderstorms. The smell, the color of the sky in an evening storm.. all of it! For me, fall rains are dreary and it means winter is coming soon. Spring rains mean new life and warmer weather.