Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Look At My Community Garden

I finally finished planting the plot I have in my community garden. It's been such a wet and cold spring here in the Chicago area, so planting days have been few and far between. A large plot is only $15 for the season. Sometimes it is a struggle to get over there, even though it's only 5 minutes away. But it is a wonderful place to meet gardening friends and de-stress for a while.

Here is a picture of the garden a couple weeks ago. It is marked out with sticks. We have to use the rototiller on our own , but it's really not too bad. The soil is lovely and rich, but parts are more full of clay then others.

This is how it looks today. Everything is planted but still very small.
This is my lettuce bed on the left. The middle is cayenne peppers, separated from the other peppers on the other side. Also some celeriac and kohlrabi. The row on the right is eggplant.

Here are my various gourds and pumpkins. I just started the trellis, haven't finished it yet. Last year my winter squash got hit hard by some sort of vine-boring worm. So I planted radishes around each hill to try and deter pests .

These are some neat markers some gardeners have a few rows down. Just thought I'd show them to you.

Here is a larger view. I'll have to look for those for next year.
More pictures to come when things really get going!


  1. You could make some nice markers...maybe with chalk board paint? Looks great. Community gardens are such great ideas

  2. That's a great make them! It would be a fun end of winter project. Thanks for the suggestion Dirt Princess!

  3. Looks like you're off to a great start!

  4. Wow, the plots on that community garden look huge.