Wednesday, January 21, 2009

To Watch or Not To Watch

Lost Season Premier

O.k Lost....I gave up on you a season and a half ago. I admit I sneaked peaks at the season finale last season. I was most upset that you killed off one of my faves. (pictured above) I try not to hold a grudge how you treated me like an idiot. I'll give you one more chance....but that's only because there is nothing else on. But I'm warning you, I will have the remote and a good book ready,just in case. Fingers crossed!


  1. So funny Amy, Don't you hate this time of the season when nothing is on to watch! I am desparatly awaiting the return of Mad Men on AMC. Vintage heaven and filled with great hidden clues. Your list is correct now, so you are in drawing! Elizabeth

  2. Lost is kinda lost right now isn't it? But there is something that keeps pulling me back.
    Maybe they use sublimitals?