Thursday, January 22, 2009

Review- Louise: The Adventures of A Chicken

written by Kate DiCamillo

pictures by Harry Bliss

ages preschool-grade4

In this period of my January blues I am looking for any kind of escape and can really relate to Louise's wanderlust. The book is divided into four chapters in which Louise decides she needs adventure, travels , finds an adventure, and decides she misses home so comes home to her roost. I think I would have the same kind of adventures as Louise if I were to venture out. The story is so funny because it is told in such a matter of fact manner. Bliss's illustrations are big and beautiful. This book is a wonderful , silly afternoon adventure!


  1. Thanks for the book review. Love the cover pic. She must be an amazing chicken!
    Thanks for stopping by for a visit and to enter my giveaway.

  2. I love the adventuring Louise When of my favorite illstrations is Louise auditioning for the circus.