Friday, January 23, 2009

Non Fiction Friday

Change Has Come
An Artist Celebrates Our American Spirit

drawings by Kadir Nelson
Words by Barak Obama

I still haven't gotten rid of my Obama fever, so here's a little dose of medicine to ease the symptoms. This is an inspirational little book filled with quotes from Obama's campaign speeches accompanied by beautiful, timely illustrations by Kadir Nelson. In a note from Nelson he explains his reason for creating this book. He starts by telling where he was when Obama's nomination was announced, and what he was feeling. "Pure Joy." He descibes the magic he feels watching Obama and his family in Grant park. Nelson translates his feelings brilliantly through his artwork.He seems to capture what we all have felt these few short months. It reminds us that we all lived through a major piece of history. This would make a beautiful keepsake book for any child.

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