Friday, February 6, 2009

Warm Heart Weekend

It's in the 50s today...

Too warm to do projects today.

Or play with bean bags,

Or take a warm winter's nap.

The cupcakes are made,

The valentine tree decked out,

This part of the kitchen clean,

So we're out enjoying this beautiful weather. Here's what I won from Elizabeth at Creative Breathing. Isn't it perfect?


  1. All your Valentine projects are so cute! Thanks for your comments about my Matryoshkas. They actually weren't too hard to mass produce. It was fun. Last year I embroidered and that actually got to be tedious around #9 or so. LOL.
    Looking forward to getting the package!

  2. I love seeing your crafts. I love to craft too but don't take the time. My Valentine project is still in the bag from the store. Oh well, next year. It will be a banner of hearts strung on ribbon. So glad to see another Valentines tree. Can't seem to take mine down this year. Thinking, thinking, thinking Easter tree! Any ideas?