Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tissue Paper Spring Nests

Happy last day of February! I think we might actually make it through this wretched winter. (yea!) I'm a firm believer in using what you have readily available , esp. when it comes to craft projects. When my darling daughter expressed an interest in making some birds nests we looked around to see what we had. We decided on the dollar store tissue paper that was left over from a recent birthday. It comes in such pretty pastel colors!
My DD enjoyed cutting it into little strips. The size makes no difference, so you can't go wrong.
We mixed a little squirt of school glue in some water.I've found if you put a paintbrush in a preschoolers hand, you have them happily busy for hours! So painting the glue/water mixture on anything = happiness!

I used a little glass Pyrex dish as a mold and let her go to town.

Different size little dishes and different color tissue.
After there is a good thick layer on let it dry overnight.

Pop them off the dish when completely dry. Some came right off with a little twist, some needed to be loosened with a butter knife.

Now the little paper nests are ready to embellish!


  1. These are so "tweet!". Jack + me+ paper mache = disaster...but this looks easier, hmmmmm.

  2. These are cute, you should submit this to The Crafy Crow!