Thursday, September 17, 2009

My New Favorite Tomato

I've fallen for this beautiful variety of tomato called Pineapple. It is a yellow beefsteak type that has delicate shades of red running through it. The bush loads itself with so many of this big beauties that it's a wonder it can hold itself up.

Had to show you the inside- how pretty each slice is. And the flavor? Absolutely delicious, mild and meaty. I'll be keeping the seeds from these for next year so I can have more than one plant. Although seriously , one may be all you need!

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  1. In another one of your posts I mentioned going to the Cook County jail vegetable garden to blog about their harvest, I was allowed to bring home an yellow tomato and I wonder if it is the same as yours. It also has that red blush, but it is shaped more like a persimmon fruit, where yours is rounder.