Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Pepper Plantation

This week has been a great week for harvesting our bumper crop of peppers at the community garden. The peppers are big and meaty and abundant!

Orange bell peppers, just starting to ripen.

These long thin peppers are super hot. They turn red when ripe, making it such a pretty plant.

A shorter hot pepper. This bush is so pretty with the varying shades of red.

The hunt for big ones.

Success! This one is a keeper!

These will ripen yellow.

Bull's Tongue, ripens red. A big beautiful stuffing or canning variety. A little bitter raw.

Sweet Cherry Peppers

The happy harvest ready to take home.


  1. The title of the post made me LOL. The peppers look awesome. I recently went to the Cook County Jail to blog about their vegetable garden and was impressed by the number of peppers they grew.

    You reminded me I better harvest my Better Belle peppers. One has already turned red from being left on there too long.

  2. I found you doing the Next Blog feature and really appreaciate your photos. The fruit looks great. We visited a cousin in Wheaton this June and had the privilege of getting into the downtown on the lake. A great place to visit.