Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Risky Investment

Today I planted 5 tree roses along the driveway. I've been looking for something for this ugly strip of driveway and I thought these would be perfect. Last year I tried a bunch of perennials, kind of looking for a cottage look, and I found it to just look sloppy instead. So I thought if I started with a more formal foundation it would pull everything together.
I had trouble getting them all in the picture, but you can probably get the idea. Nothing has really come up yet except the tulips. When I asked my daughter , "What do you think?" she responded, "Why did you plant sticks Mommy?"
Now I have to do some research on how to care for them. I think I read somewhere that tree roses are grafted onto apple trunks, or some similar straight strong trunk. So I'm thinking they won't like the cold winter here in zone 5. Every time I plant roses I think of my Dad. He always grew beautiful roses when we were younger!


  1. ROFL @ "Why did you plant sticks Mommy?"

    That's awesome.

  2. Hi Amy~ ~ ~I just planted roses too and am looking for an organic way to feed and care for them. Found a rose book. He says the best time to feed roses is when it's raining or just after it has stopped. Years ago when I first got married my wonderful neighbor taught me a lot about gardening. Her husband was a fisherman and he would being home fish they didn't like to eat and she would bury a fish or 2 beside each rosebush. Nice roses!
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~