Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Book Review: The True Adventures Of Charley Darwin by Carolyn Meyer

The True Adventures Of Charlie Darwin
by Carolyn Meyer

grades 6 and up

I love historical fiction and I'm a kind of science geek, so I was so excited to read this book. It is told in the first person and tells the tale of Darwin's life as a child , teenager and young man. One of the first lines of the book is...

"I was born born February 12th, 1809, in the town of Shrewsbury, county of Shropshire, England, and christened Charles Robert Darwin."

I think this is great for kids to wrap their brain around the fact that he was born exactly 200 years ago. His early life is quite interesting , showing how he explores the outdoors with his sister and develops a passionate love of nature. There are some strange passages that describe little flirtations with cousins that seem a little out of place in the book as a whole. I can only imagine that Stephanie Meyer took related stories from his real journals.

It is an easy read and very informative, nonetheless. Darwin's voyage aboard the HMS Beagle in 1833 was a big part of the book, and I'm sure readers will enjoy it. I came away from it knowing 100% more about Darwin than I did before, so how can you beat that?

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