Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Things Collected While Out Walking.....

After a long winter we've started our daily walks again. It is still nippy out, but the feeling of spring is in the air. We have a little creek that is down the street from us so our routine is to walk down there and follow it a ways. The creek swells with each rainfall, and recedes during dry spells. After the recent downpours we've had it has crested, spilling over it's banks. The usual slow moving current is now at a thundering rush. It is such a wonderful display!

During each walk we look for "treasures."Pine cones are a particular delight. Interesting rocks always find their way in our pockets. Caterpillar grass. and any kind of leaf blowing across the path. The treasure I always want to fight bringing home is sticks. I have enough in my back yard! But they never stop being magical instruments! I cherish these walks together. I know too soon I will no longer be cool to walk with. I know she'll want to walk the other way into town instead. But the best part is, she will never loose her love and wonder of nature!

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