Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dozens of Ways To Repurpose A Pillowcase by Suzanne Tourtillott

When you see the cover of this sweet book you must pick it up and flip through it. I have an addiction to craft books, and this one really satisfied!

The projects in this book are simply amazing! My artistic friend Heather doesn't need a book to tell her how to whip up something from some beautiful sheets, but I do! When I think of all the cute pillowcases I've passed up in my travels, well I know better now.

There is an adorable tiered apron (that I think would make a cute skirt for DD) project to start off. Precious pinafores and sassy tunics for ladies. How about putting two matching king size cases together to make a robe? That's just a little sampling. There are also projects for the home, a super hero cape and much, much more.

Suzanne Tourtillott's dedication sums it up nicely:
"This book is dedicated to the clever crafter-sewers everywhere who live to plunder linens. "

To see a beautiful collection of pillowcases check out my friend Sarah's post here : I don't know if she could cut up any of her beauties!

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  1. I just won this book on a blog giveaway, and I agree, it is excellent.